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Leadership Coach Group

Leadership Coach Group

Michael Seelman, Owner

Your Partner for Leadership Growth

The Leadership Coach Group is a global firm that offers leadership/executive coaching, team coaching, 360-degree leadership assessments, leadership training, personality assessments (Strengths Finders, DISC, Myers-Briggs), and much more. We were recently selected by Manage HR Magazine as a Top 10 leadership and organizational development company in the United States. We serve clients around the world virtually and in person. Contact us today!

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Michael Seelman
Alumni Association Lifetime Member

Coaches Corner

Summit Presentations, LLC

Summit Presentations, LLC

Steven Cohen, Owner

Learn how to communicate with authority, confidence, and influence.

I run Summit Presentations, LLC, a training company that delivers high-impact professional development programs for executives and teams. We use research-based training strategies and data-driven assessments to help people become better speakers and better writers. Through interactive exercises and simulations, our clients learn how to frame messages, use data, and tell stories to influence others and create lasting impact.

The best part of my job is working with amazing people. I’ve helped distinguished professors and scientists deliver TEDMED and TEDx Talks; helped CEOs and senior business executives communicate their vision in keynote speeches and at town halls; helped sales teams and entrepreneurs develop pitches for innovative products and companies; and helped thought leaders and government officials deliver inspirational speeches to large audiences.

Send me a message if I can help you or your team reach new heights.

Coaches and Consultants Behavioral Career Communication Executive Leadership Skills

Steven Cohen
Alumni Association Lifetime Member

Artsci Consulting and Coaching

Artsci Consulting and Coaching

Lorine Ghabranious, Founder

Evoking transformation one client at a time!

It all begins with that little nudge, an idea, a thought- something that makes you think that there is something more, something that you want to explore. That is where I come in. Together, in partnership, we will explore what it is that is holding you back, encourage you to dream big, and find those actionable steps to take you there! I’m excited to go on this journey with you!

I specialize in career transitions but enjoy working with anyone who feels stuck and wants to explore a possible change in their life!

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Lorine Ghabranious
Alumni Association Member

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RAW Coaching

R. Walker, Founder

Empowering ownership, intention, and choice to live your life on purpose.

Austin is a Life Coach, who partners with people to manifest their desires through personal empowerment while living a life grounded in ownership and intentionality. Austin works in tandem with those who are ready to purposefully create new possibilities in their life through forward-focused coaching.

As the Founder of RAW Coaching, Austin knows how to work effectively and efficiently when supporting others to reach the pinnacle of their goals. RAW Coaching is designed to empower the client’s individual greatness while aligning who they need to become and what they need to accomplish in order to reach the stated commitments. Austin's mission is to enable people to live their life on purpose.

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R. Walker

Alumni Association Member

BE Lean, LLC

BE Lean, LLC

Bradley Eisenberg, Founder

Systems to streamline. Strategies to scale.

Do you feel like you have a vision of where you want to take your company, but you're just not there yet?

You have all this inefficiency and mess in your operations, and it's killing your growth. You’ve hit a wall, and you know you can’t keep fixing it on your own.

I’m Brad Eisenberg and I’m a business operations consultant and strategist.

I help founders, CEOs, and small business owners see what’s REALLY happening in their business, fix what isn’t working, and create custom, scalable operating systems so that they can actually grow their business.

Because when your operations run smoothly and efficiently, now you've got the foundation to scale.

I’m the guy you call to make sure your rocket ship is built to get where you want it to go.

Coaches and Consultants Behavioral Business Executive Leadership Skills

Bradley Eisenberg

Lauren Lefkowitz Coaching

Lauren Lefkowitz Coaching

Lauren Lefkowitz, Founder

Bust out of the work, sleep, repeat cycle and OWN your career...and your life!

I am a Career and Mindset Coach, working with leaders to break the work, sleep, repeat cycle. Prior to launching Lauren Lefkowitz Coaching as a full-time business, I spent 20 years working in HR and Operations, and interim-led several corporate functions. I partner with individuals and small/medium businesses to support professionals who want to build leadership skills and confidence, make powerful choices, and find joy, excitement, challenge, and balance in their careers...and still have a personal life to love.

I make it comfortable to have uncomfortable conversations.

Through this network, I hope to build relationships, create community, grow my business, and support others in growing their businesses.

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Lauren Lefkowitz

Coaches Corner

Lean Geeks

Lean Geeks

Kenya Oduor, Founder

Defining and designing user-centered solutions & products is my thing.

Lean Geeks is a full-service consulting and staffing firm, partnering with B2B, B2C, and non-profit organizations on customer-centric research, strategy and experience design. Our partnerships include project activities, staff augmentation and direct hire placement in research and design.

Coaches and Consultants Behavioral Business Executive Leadership Skills

Kenya Oduor
Minority Business Enterprise

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Lisa Jill Marcus LCSW PC, Psychotherapy

Lisa Marcus, Owner

Coaches and Consultants Behavioral Career Communication Health Life Mental Health Wellness

Lisa Marcus