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Vineet Agrawal, Executive Decision Maker

Premier data management platform for surgeons, surgery locations, and healthcare companies
We were founded by a team of surgeons, and leaders in tech and medtech with the goal to build innovative solutions that lower the barriers to healthcare access. Our current solutions improve coordination and delivery of care to surgery patients, by improving how data is managed across that ecosystem. We hope to partner with other energetic, committed community members who can share our vision and willingness to improve continuously. Look forward to engaging with you!

Terps in Tech Artificial Intelligence Information Medical Robotics Software

Vineet Agrawal

Alumni Association Lifetime Member

Hawkeye MedTech, Inc

Hawkeye MedTech, Inc

Ashok Kapur, Founder

TotalCare telehealth is more than a video platform. With care coordination, scheduled virtual calls and comprehensive chronic disease management features, ask us why TotalCare is a preferred telehealth platform among providers!
We have developed an innovative and forward looking telehealth platform, TotalCare. TotalCare is more than just a video platform. It enables healthcare providers not only see patients via scheduled virtual calls but also give them tools to help manage patient chronic conditions. With care coordination among providers, compliance tracking and passive monitoring devices, ask us how we are the right choice to use in your healthcare practice. Download TotalCare for Patients on Google or Apple and see how simple and easy it is to use!

Terps in Tech Artificial Intelligence Medical Product Software

Ashok Kapur
Alumni Association Lifetime Member

Minority Business Enterprise

Uneo, Inc.

Uneo, Inc.

Eric Sullivan, Founder

A personalized, engaging community where teens and young adults (Gen Z) can set and reach their goals to thrive  - supported with resources they can trust.
This consumer app is geared to teenagers to improve their overall physical and mental well-being, especially targeting high-risk, underprivileged teenagers driving health and digital equity. The platform focuses specifically on a curated experience for teenagers that provides them links and access to community-based resources, health coaches - a digital experience to set an track personal goals.

As a three-times over Maryland alumni and still a Maryland resident, I would like to connect with the UMD community to identify opportunities to (1) partner with like-minded platforms, individuals as well as (2) identify potential team members for Uneo.

Terps in Tech Medical Product Software

Eric Sullivan
Alumni Association Lifetime Member