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E-Livestock Global

E-Livestock Global

Christopher Light, Founder

Award winning Healthy Cow startup focused on traceability via Blockchain.
We are a Venture Capital funded; Social Enterprise focused on value/supply chains in Agriculture. Powered by Blockchain with a major tech partner. Would be interested in collaboration on rolling out our solution in additional markets, looking at other commodity areas such as produce or niche, and/or helping other startups use Blockchain technology. We are open to partnership and possibly additional capital investment in the future. We are also interested in a line of credit or financing related to inventory purchase.

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Christopher Light

Alumni Association Lifetime Member

Empathy Media Lab

Empathy Media Lab

Evan Papp, Founder

Discovering solutions and motivating collective action.
Based within the Washington, D.C. beltway, Empathy Media Lab is a production house that publishes content on labor, political economy, art, and culture, and is also an event space, music and podcast studio for artists and activists to hone their craft, showcase their artistry, and produce transformative stories for a global audience.

EMLab Strategies is part of Empathy Media Lab and offers a suite of communication, education, and media services for government, nonprofits, businesses, artists, politicians, and community causes.

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Evan Papp
Alumni Association Lifetime Member

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Communities In Practice, LLC

Claudia Barragan, Founder

Terps in Tech Environment

Claudia Barragan

Alumni Association Member

Minority Business Enterprise



Edward Petit de Mange, Executive Decision Maker

Innovative industrial robotics that increase safety and protect the environment
Diakont designs, builds, and provides field services of unique robotic systems for our energy industry clientele.

Terps in Tech Energy Environment Hardware Mechanical Product Robotics

Edward Petit de Mange