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Counterpoint Technology Market Research

Counterpoint Technology Market Research

Neil Shah, Founder

Help you make the best & informed decisions
Strategic Advisory Consulting Industry Research & Analysis

Terps in Tech Artificial Intelligence Assistive Communication Hardware Product Robotics Software

Neil Shah

Alumni Association Lifetime Member

E-Livestock Global

E-Livestock Global

Christopher Light, Founder

Award winning Healthy Cow startup focused on traceability via Blockchain.
We are a Venture Capital funded; Social Enterprise focused on value/supply chains in Agriculture. Powered by Blockchain with a major tech partner. Would be interested in collaboration on rolling out our solution in additional markets, looking at other commodity areas such as produce or niche, and/or helping other startups use Blockchain technology. We are open to partnership and possibly additional capital investment in the future. We are also interested in a line of credit or financing related to inventory purchase.

Terps in Tech Agriculture Environment FinTech Hardware Information Software

Christopher Light

Alumni Association Lifetime Member



David Greenfield, Founder

JUUCE is committed to providing portable, convenient, and secure device charging solutions to keep every customer and guest connected and safe at any venue or event. Our goal is to ensure that every guest of every venue never has a dead phone.

As a digital out-of-home provider, we specialize in the installation of portable charger rental kiosks at high-traffic venues. Through partnerships with sponsors, we showcase custom digital advertising and branded wrapping on both the charging stations and chargers, while simultaneously gathering valuable market research from fans.

As we continue to grow, we are looking for advisors to help with our business, venues and sponsors to partner with, and investors who want to join us on this journey. We believe that by joining the alumni directory for businesses at the University of Maryland, we can establish valuable connections and collaborate with like-minded individuals to drive our business forward.

Terps in Tech Energy Hardware Product Software

David Greenfield
Alumni Association Member



Edward Petit de Mange, Executive Decision Maker

Innovative industrial robotics that increase safety and protect the environment
Diakont designs, builds, and provides field services of unique robotic systems for our energy industry clientele.

Terps in Tech Energy Environment Hardware Mechanical Product Robotics

Edward Petit de Mange

Rackner, Inc

Rackner, Inc

Alexander Raul, Founder

DevSecOps and AI from Cloud to Mission Edge
Rackner builds cutting-edge solutions that apply DevSecOps and the power of AI in the datacenter, public and private clouds, and edge, leveraging the future of compute capability and technologies like Kubernetes (k8s) and WebAssembly (WASM). We're a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider - as well as a partner to the major public cloud companies.

Our customers include hypergrowth startups and federal agencies, both Civilian and Defense.

Terps in Tech Hardware Information Software

Alexander Raul
Minority Business Enterprise



Eran Kravitz, Founder

Providing a frictionless shopping experience in medium and large grocery stores using AI and Computer Vision

Terps in Tech Artificial Intelligence Hardware Product Software

Eran Kravitz